Monday, August 18, 2008

4th Annual Craftin' Outlaws: Part One

Here are some photos from Saturday at Craftin' Outlaws at BoMA (Bar of Modern Art). The first three are of my part of the table shared with Sarah.

The free Dum Dums were a hit with the kids and their parents.

We arrived on time and were setup with an hour to spare. We walked around and checked out everyone else's tables and stuff, walked upstairs went into the bathrooms, which I HAD to take a picture of (below), you'll see why..

BoMA is a very old church turned into a bar/art gallery. There are paintings everywhere and well, bars everywhere... There are amazing stained glass windows. I wish I had gotten a photo of the outside, the entrance is beautiful. There were tables both upstairs and down, and in a little side area also. 

There's our table down there where someone is taking a peek.
The pretty ceiling and windows.
Hallway to the bathroom, some sculptures hung overhead.
Yeah, see.. the bathrooms are amazing. I want one of those sinks.
These stalls actually felt private. No one could peek in! :)

Anyway, it was lots of fun, but I think I'm spoiled now. A/C, beautiful bathroom, food available, lots of nice people, I don't think there's a better, more comfortable, craft fair experience out there! Can't all future craft shows be at BoMA?

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