Friday, January 2, 2009

new toy: bamboo fun

Today the FedEx man brought me my new Bamboo Fun Wacom pad! I tried it out for a while, went through the tutorials and all thinking it would be slightly difficult to use since I haven't touched one in about 8 years. It really works well! I'm impressed by how smooth the lines are. I picked the Bamboo Fun specifically for the writing and drawing capabilities, and I'm pretty sure that it will not let me down. Now to get in the habit of using it..

I did this drawing of Daisy in Photoshop.. it's not great, but it shows how smooth it can be with pretty much no practice. It's almost like a real pencil or pen.

this is the annoyed Daisy.


Anonymous said...

i really can't wait to see what awesomeness comes from you being able to digitally illustrate. i've always been seriously impressed with your illustrations. now if we could only get you using illustrator... :)

Anonymous said...

Stephanie! I'm taking an illustrator class a CCAD! It starts on the 4th (or something like that. . . .) Anyway it's Thursdays from like 6-9. You can sign up online and take it with me.

Just look at the continuing education stuff.


Stephanie Briones said...

Hey Sarah!

Thanks for letting me know! It's great to hear from you. I'll look into it!