Monday, February 23, 2009

Geninne's Breathtaking Art

I would LOVE to have every one of Geninne's beautiful art prints, but I would settle for some of my favorites. Not only is her work like being in a fairy tale, the colors so vivid, and each print capable of putting a smile on your face, but her blog is also SO inspiring. Reading her blog and seeing photos of pieces of her home, is a work of art itself. You can get ahold of her prints in her Etsy shop. Every print is just $25. Beautiful, affordable art.

All photos by Geninne.


Sara said...

LOVE those bird prints! Thanks for introducing me to her shop!! I'm starting to build up my Etsy art collection beyond my own. Want a more eclectic mix in my apartment.

Do you have an Etsy shop?

Stephanie Briones said...

Hi Sara!

Thanks for your comments! I do have an etsy shop, it's at I forgot to put my "etsy mini" back on my blog, thank you for reminding me to do that! :)