Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a few thrift store finds

A small vintage blue and black enamel dish. $3.99 

Straw nesting baskets with lids, I got 2 sets of 5 of these, $0.99 each ( I had no idea there were 5 in each set! It was a huge bonus when I got them home and opened them. )

I found these 2 vintage school books, $2.99 each. I was lucky enough to even find a note in each one.
The New Chardenal Complete French Course by Grosjean

Inside of the French book, there was the above sick note. 

A stamp on the inside cover where the date of purchase was filled in: September 17th, 1935.

Inside cover of the American Government book from 1940.

Inside the AG book there was an old quiz folded up, and on the backside, some notes from class were taken.

The quiz (above) looks like a carbon copy from a typewriter. 

I love really old books and we've started sort of a collection of them. I love to find books with a history. If I open a book with a really nice note from someone or some notes written by the reader, it just makes me smile. 

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c. said...

these are great!

I think that old books are the greatest. I found a bible dictionary (for a class) and it had a great inscription to a son from his father telling him to always begin with the truth. I almost cried when I read it.