Monday, July 20, 2009

my heart

I used to draw a lot more than I do now, but every once in a while something will pop into my head that I think needs to be put on paper.

Last night as I was struggling to go drift off, (because I couldn't turn off my brain, which is a regular occurrence) I was thinking about being young and care-free. I tried to calculate all of the things that had changed since those days, and it's just so much. It's hard to figure out how I got from having almost no worries, at least no big ones, to feeling like all these things were wrapped around my heart, strangling it. That may sound a little graphic, but I know you know that feeling. You're just sitting there thinking about all of these things you need to do, can't do, want to do, didn't do and it rushes in, one thing after the other, and suddenly you're overwhelmed. It happens to everyone.

Then I pictured this heart with this string wrapped around it with all these things written on it representing everything that overwhelms. Then these scissors are there, ready to cut that string away. For me, the scissors represent love. My husband is that pair of scissors to me. He knows how great I am at worrying and stressing over so many things, usually money, and he's always so calm and is able to ease my nerves and make my worried heart feel light again.

I apologize if this is one of those TMI type blog posts, but I just thought I'd share my heart, and this illustration with you.

( oh, and moms, don't worry, we're fine and we love you. :) )


Danielle said...

Wow, I can totally agree with you on this. I know that strangling feeling all too well - more so right now than probably ever before. I am constantly finding things to worry about. :/

Great illustration, Great Artwork. Oh, and thanks for sharing this - I appreciated it.

love ya,

Stephanie Briones said...

thank you for your comment! i'm so glad that you enjoyed it. :)

love you too!

Diana said...

You may never know how proud that I am of you. I'm so thankful that you are the person that you are,honest,caring,beautiful inside and out.I believe that life holds many treasures for you and Ryan. No looking back.. we all regret. A heart that never hurts has never fully loved.God has given you a gift that you so beautifully present to the world in so many ways. You lift my heart when I find them out. miss you and kisses. Your mom

Stephanie Briones said...

thanks mom. that means a lot to me. love you too! :)

she said...

i love it...and the explanation, too. thank you for sharing this.

laurialigns said...

This was lovely! I certainly relate to this feeling. Even though I'm only in my twenties, I miss being young with no real concerns or anxieties. Also, I find it encouraging that your husband means that much to you; that's really wonderful. Nice illustration as well. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Briones said...

Thank you. :)