Saturday, August 8, 2009

fun find: vintage panda pens

I'm really excited about these. I found them yesterday at a thrift store. They are vintage (60's) panda fountain pens, made in China. One of the best things about them was the fact that they're in their original packaging.

Each one is in it's own little plastic container. After researching, I found that you dip the pen in your ink, and squeeze the clear plastic sac until it fills with ink. Pretty awesome.

I'm so glad I found these. I will probably put them up for sale in my etsy supply shop soon, but I just couldn't wait to share. I've still got to decide how much to sell them for, since they're kind of valuable. I found one here with a starting bid of $15.00. Crazy! I think these could make some really unique gifts or favors.


Anonymous said...

I love those pens, what an awesome find. <3

c. said...

Look how cute they are!

Vivi said...

Nice pens, they are full of memories to me. The black one was my pen of choice from 2nd grade till halfway through college, when the screw for the cap was totally unusable, so I had to give it up. How can I get one of these?

Stephanie Briones said...

Hi Vivi!

I wish I still had some, but I have sold them all. I hope you can find another!

Have a Happy Easter!