Tuesday, April 6, 2010

weekly planning page - free PDF download!

happy wednesday!

here is a weekly planning page that i designed to help keep myself on top of things. mostly because i have so many things i need to do right now that it's pretty much overwhelming unless i write it all down. so i thought i'd share it with you!

so, this is a simple form that has space for your daily to-do's, but also a place for you to keep track of which of your tv shows are on which night, (because that's extremely important!). if you watch as many as we do, it's really easy to accidently miss one.. like we did with lost a couple of weeks ago! :o plus, i think it's important to have a little fun after you've completed all of your tasks, relax and watch your favorite shows!

i also have a place to write down the things i need to order online, like supplies for my shops. sometimes it can be bad if i forget to order something because it usually takes a little longer than i hoped to receive things that i need ... yesterday. like business cards! i wish i had made this handy form long ago, but now i have a reliable place to jot down things i need to order instead of keeping them in my head until all that's left is, "i know there was something i needed..".

there's also a place for bills due that week. something that i could always use a reminder for.

i hope you enjoy this download. i know it's going to help keep me straight, and i hope you'll find it useful as well! I printed mine on white cardstock. now get to work! :)

download here.


have a great day!

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