Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fabric dot com.

my new favorite place to spend money.

i recently purchased some great vintage patterns on ebay and etsy and set out trying to find some fabrics i like to make some dresses and stuff out of. i am very picky, but i also haven't sewn much in the way of clothing, so it wasn't easy to pick something. i wasn't sure exactly how things would feel, so i stuck mostly with the basics, what i know.

(my selections, but bottom left should actually be dark gray.)

i ended up with cotton, linen, jersey, and seersucker and then some interfacing and lining and i love every bit of what i received from just thought i'd let you know that in case you weren't sure if you should give them a try. i got free shipping and found a 20% off coupon code. so, i'm happy.

can't wait to make something i can wear. hopefully it wont be something i get lazy about. i know i love buying the fabric, let's hope i know how to use it. i'll keep you posted. :)

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